Dodge Charger (2015-2023): Alpharex Nova Series Prismatic LED Taillights

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Love your Charger but want an upgrade from your factory taillights? We've got you covered!

NEW: These are a brand new offering, expanding the already proven Nova Series into the Charger lineup! 

NOVA SERIES: The Nova series is the top of the line model. These feature OEM+ levels of fit and finish, and are brighter than the OEM taillights as well! The Nova series are a full LED tail light with intetgrated LED DRL/Turn Signals.

PLUG AND PLAY: Nobody (including us) wants to spend all day in the garage splicing wires. That's why these feature fully plug and play connectors so the install process is super straight forward. Simply remove your factory tail lights, install these in their place, plug them right in and they are up, running and ready for the road!

PRISMATIC: This NOVA Prismatic light tube not only serves as a parking light, mimicking the racetrack feature but also includes our activation light feature—a dynamic startup sequence that activates when you turn on your parking light.  The outer segments of these tail lights incorporate LED sections that function as red blinking turn signals, transitioning to high-intensity red illumination when you apply the brakes. In contrast, the two central LED sections serve as white reverse lights. 


Black: Simple and clean. These feature a dark housing with clear lens, giving a clean dark look, without sacrificing any brightness.

Alpha Black: Slightly darker/glossier than the standard black, and with a light smoke effect on the lens.

Smoke: These get their dark effect by smoking the lens itself more so than the other lens options. 

Clear: Clear lens, and lighter colors used on the internals.

Lens and Housing:

Lens Material

Polycarbonate (PC)

Housing Material

Polypropylene (PP)

Lens Color

Smoked or Clear 

Housing Color

Black, Alpha Black, or Clear

Light Output:

Light Source


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