Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban (2015-2020): XB LED Tail Lights



Love your Tahoe but want an upgrade from the factory taillights? We've got you covered! 

Game Changing: The XB LED lineup has been changing the lighting game for years now across many makes and models. These are no exception. Many of us here at LML run the XB Series on our own vehicles, and have for years! If you are looking for a quality, plug and play (easy install) LED upgrade for your Tahoe, look no further.

Style: Inspired by the design of the more modern looking tail lights from the Escalade, these look right at-home on the rear end of the Tahoe too. The linear 3D light blades serve as the brake light and turn signal. The turn signal and brake, both red, are equally impressive in the intensity department both day and night. Compared to similar tail lights online, the overall fit and finish are much more OEM-like on the Morimoto version, easily making these the best set of aftermarket tail lights on the road for the Tahoe!

Reverse Lights: Are often over-looked, but not with the Morimoto XB tail lights for your Tahoe. While they come standard with LED reverse lights, just wait, there's more! These tail lights allow a plug n play installation with the optional LED Backup Boost Bar which mounts to the top of your license plate frame and provides an extra 2,700 lumens of controlled light output in reverse. Yeah, Morimoto customers like to see where they're going in reverse too!

Style and Safety: All Morimoto tail lights are designed to comply with all DOT, SAE regulations for rear-facing lamps. We pride ourselves on offering stylish, high-performance and safe products for serious enthusiasts, which is why all new Morimoto products are verified by trusted third party labs for compliance and are backed with an industry-leading Five Year Warranty.

Full Compatibility/Plug and Play: The XB Tail Lights are compatible with Tahoes that came stock with the standard halogen/incandescent tail lights and are 100% plug n play during installation. No modifications are required to install the tail lights, or the optional boost bar reverse light.

These are sold as a complete set of 2 taillights!


  • Chevrolet Tahoe: 2015-2020 (all trim levels/variants)

  • Chevrolet Suburban: 2015-2020 (all trim levels/variants)

  • Replaces GM Part #: 84467059, 22783102, 2801264, 23407432, 84467058, 23407433

  • Compliance: DOT, SAE Compliant

  • NOTE: These housings have been designed for, and tested on, US-Spec vehicles. Other countries' compatibility may vary and is not guaranteed nor always known.


  • Input: GM Multi-Pin OEM

  • Material: ABS Plastic (Housing), UV-Resistant Polycarbonate (Lens)

  • Light Source: SSC LED

  • Reverse Light: White

  • Brake Light: Red

  • Turn Signal: Red

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