2015-2020 Dodge Challenger Oracle Concept Side Marker Set (Blade Style)



Our 2015-2020 Challenger Sidemarker Kits are designed to make your vehicle stand out from the rest! Instead of using a single dim bulb like the factory side markers, or even simply upgrading to a brighter bulb, ours use a thin, blade style LED strip which drastically improves the look of the vehicle. These genuinely look insane at night. Available in 3 different levels of tint and every factory paint color, you can order these to suit any taste or build! These are sold as a set of 4.

Fitment Guide: 2015-2020 Dodge Challenger (All Trims/Engines)

Install: Plug and Play

Style: LED Blade Style

Lens Options: Clear, Tinted, Clear W/Paint, Tinted W/Paint, Ghosted (Full Paint)

Paint Options: All factory paint colors 

Warranty: 2 Years

What's Included: Full set of 4 Sidemarkers w/plug and play connectors

What is Ghosted? Selecting ghosted means that your side markers will receive a special full coating of paint which covers the entire lens. The painting method used allows the LEDs to shine through at night, while providing a clean, total paint matched look during the day time.

Note: All painted side markers are professionally painted to order, so please allow time for paintwork.


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