2005-2013 C6 Corvette Oracle Tail Light Halo Rings



If you're tired of the factory tail light look and want something different to make your vette standout, these halo rings are what you need! These Halo rings are to be installed inside of your current tail light housings thus professional installation is recommended, however, many customers are able to install the rings themselves with a bit of patience. 

With the Dual Intensity Circuit, the halos are able to act as a full functioning tail light with a dim and bright mode for the turn signals and brakes. 

We offer these rings in 2 styles:

  • SMD LED - Individual diodes make up the ring and can be seen. 
  • PLASMA LED - The halo will just look like one solid ring - no individual diodes will be noticed. 

What's included in the box:

  • (4) Halo Rings
  • Necessary wiring and resistors

Oracle products are shipped via UPS Ground opposed to USPS Priority. 

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